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Spicelish has been offering a wide range of freshly-ground spices from across the world to discerning customers in Europe. Our spice-based products are adulteration-free and provide several health benefits. While producing our innovative products, we have also ensured a fair deal to native farming communities who grow the food. Backed by a blockchain-powered traceability system, we enable you to discover for yourself precisely from which community/region the spices being bought by you have been sourced. As a run up to the LUGA (Lucerne, Switzerland) in April 2023, we have launched The Spicelish Supports the Farmers #NFT. In April and May,...

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The next harvest of turmeric at Kanha Village is underway! We at Spicelish are excited to report that the latest harvest of turmeric is currently underway at Kanha Village, India. This turmeric will be used to create our exquisite spice blends (especially our signature Turmeric-Ginger Tea / Kurkuma-Ingwer Tee) this spring. We are looking forward to bringing this freshness to your table soon.

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Spicelish Cooking Courses go online. To keep you cooking with freshly-ground spices during COVID times, the Spicelish cooking courses are now being held online.

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