Farmers - Curry Masala

Know the journey of:

Curry Masala

Main Ingredients:

Star Anise, Himalayan Kumaon Chili

Star Anise

grown for you with love by:

Farmers of the Krishna Spices FPO

Where? Malnad, Karnataka, India

When? March 2021

Himalayan Kumaon Chili

grown for you with love by:

Farmers of Mahila Umang

Where? Village Naini, Uttarakhand, India

When? December 2020

Collected and Exported by:

Where? Mumbai, India

When? August 2021

TARU Naturals is a grassroots movement of 10,000 tribal & small-scale farmers across India; a fair trade network connecting farmers to markets, with healthy, pure & organic produce.

Prepared for you by:

Where? Alpnachstad, Switzerland

When? August 2021

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