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Indian Menus cooked with freshly-ground spices

Ready for pick-up from Alpnachstad

Read the Spicelish story from the local press:

Garima Goel has been cooking original Indian dishes for three years. Due to the lockdown, she was looking for a solution to make her homemade food easier to get to the customers who are sitting in the office and are not allowed to visit a restaurant. At the same time, their disposable dishes and the associated paper and plastic waste are displeasing. But there is already a solution for this in India: the "Dabba", a two-story stainless steel box that keeps the food warm and is reusable. This is best known in Mumbai. With the "Dabba" Garima Goel can pack her fresh and healthy Indian dishes sustainably.

Garima's day starts with cooking the menu for her customers. She always buys vegetables locally. Spices and spice mixtures are particularly important to her: she makes them herself and thinks carefully about which spices go well with which vegetables and are healthy. Your company is therefore also called Spicelish (www.spicelish.com), made up of “spice” (spice) and “relish” (to enjoy).


Garima cooks a vegetarian or vegan menu every day. She sends the selection on Sunday via Whatsapp and Signal group for the following week. The menus can be picked up in the "Dabba" from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Alpnachstad.


The support of the Indian farmers who plant spices is also important to Garima. She buys the raw spices directly from small farms in the Nilgiri Mountains in southern India. Garima says, "I want to support the farmers by paying them a fair price for their hard work" while she is grinding turmeric for the current menu. Garima makes the spices anew every day, because freshness is absolutely important to her. She smiles as the scent of today's menu fills the kitchen.



Hansruedi Wyler, Daniela Wyler and Florian Eggli pick up their "Dabba". Garima Goel, the cook, is on the far right of the picture.

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