Spicelish Supports the Farmers #NFT launched

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Spicelish Supports the Farmers #NFT launched

Spicelish has been offering a wide range of freshly-ground spices from across the world to discerning customers in Europe. Our spice-based products are adulteration-free and provide several health benefits.

While producing our innovative products, we have also ensured a fair deal to native farming communities who grow the food. Backed by a blockchain-powered traceability system, we enable you to discover for yourself precisely from which community/region the spices being bought by you have been sourced.

As a run up to the LUGA (Lucerne, Switzerland) in April 2023, we have launched The Spicelish Supports the Farmers #NFT. In April and May, all Spicelish customers can acquire a limited number of freshly-minted #NFTs. With a contribution of CHF 65 only, customers sponsor the education of one child for a year at Bapu Baal Mandir, India.

By purchasing the #NFT, you become a part of the Spicelish community supporting agrarian communities across the world, while enjoying the flavours of our freshly-ground spices. As a #NFT holder, you will automatically receive updates on how your support is making the difference in the life of a child.

You can make the difference in the life of a child by purchasing the Spicelish Supports the Farmers #NFT here.