About Garima


I grew up in India, and live in Switzerland since the last 12 years.

I grew up with a strong belief that the food we eat, and the way of cooking, has a tremendous impact on our health. When I bought spice mixes from stores, I was extremely disappointed with the products being sold.

My grandmother suggested hand grinding spice mixes myself at home, and I noticed the increased aroma and health benefits immediately. Three years ago, I began to share my spice mixes with those I love, and that's how Spicelish was born!

I am motivated to provide fresh, healthy and tasty spice mixes, ground locally and blended to create the perfect taste and aroma.

In my quest to bring the perfect spice blends to you, I want to help source directly from small farmers and make sure that they receive a fair share of profits for growing the spices using environmentally-sustainable practices.